dimensions and spaces

A motorsport event of a special kind. A parcour made of pylons serves as a racetrack for the single-engine aircraft to make their fastest, flawless lap. Every year the races take place in different places around the world, mostly the courses are installed on the water, such as rivers or lakes.

The venues are specially prepared for this event, all infrastructure must be brought to the respective locations and assembled. These include grandstands, sound systems, LED walls, security devices, control tower and VIP areas.

Here we took over the complete planning of the sound system for two world tours, designed the sound design, travelled to all venues in advance, measured and inspected and created tenders for the supplier pool to find the right one for the respective event. This kept personnel costs and transportation costs as low as possible by having the best partners.

The distances of each venue were challenging. Due to their size of around 2.5 kilometres x 1.5 kilometres, logistically large distances had to be covered and the planning of the sound system had to be coordinated to avoid undesirable reflections from buildings and overlapping sound issues. The construction times over 10 days were short for such a size.

As a rule, around 20 array towers were required, as well as many individual speakers to cover the area.