dimensions and spaces

No branch shows more clearly how important the chemistry between customer and service provider has to be than in the event branch. Here concepts are worked out, planned and carried out on a strict schedule - not postponed, no excuses, no mistakes.

Andreas Bock - owner of talPLAN - has been working successfully in this industry for more than 30 years and ensures that the chemistry is right to meet the requirements of the customers. No opportunity was missed to go through the entire spectrum of the event industry over the years to serve all areas. With this many years of experience, events have been technically planned, designed, visualized, projects managed, budgets managed, tenders created, and material transported around the world for over 20 years.

Andreas Bock, born in 1970, has passed through all stages of the event industry. From audio technology to lighting technology, rigging, stage construction and decoration, as well as trade fair construction in the areas of theater, concerts, touring, trade fairs and cooperate events. He was also the managing partner of a rental company before the millennium started project planning and control. This paved the way for today's talPLAN, which carries out every project of its customers not only across Germany, but also internationally.